Sports Protection, Custom Made & Affordable

Mouthguards are an essential safety measure during contact sports. A custom made mouth guard that sits perfectly snug on the teeth will be able to distribute the forces of impact much more evenly than store bought mouthguards. Our experts at Simply Teeth ensure your custom fitted mouthguards are designed to your liking, and most importantly provide optimal protection.

Custom Mouthguards help protect against:

  • Injuries to the teeth, including loss of teeth (tooth avulsion), tooth movement (tooth luxation) and breaking teeth (tooth fracture)
  • Injuries to the jaw bone such as jaw fracture
  • Injuries to the jaw joint, such as dislocation of the jaw

How Custom Mouthguards work


The simple science behind mouth guards is force dissipation; similar to the way the crumple zone works on your car! A mouthguard dissipates forces by:

  • Absorbing some of the force due to its elastic nature
  • Distributing the forces evenly across all teeth so no single tooth absorbs all the force of impact
  • Distributing forces to the entire jaw, so as to reduce the impact on a particular area of the jaw

The best way to do all the above is to have a mouthguard that evenly contacts all teeth, and since no two mouths are the same, the only way to do this is to have a custom fabricated mouthguard.

Can I just buy a mouthguard over the counter?

There are other types of mouthguards available such as boil-and-bite and ready to wear pre-formed mouthguards. Although these may seem like an easier, more cost effective option at first these tend to fit poorly due to insufficient and uneven thickness of material and they provide inadequate protection. The custom-made mouthguards we make are custom-laminated for the best protection due to their comfort, close fit, cushioning (shock absorption) effect. They are the more expensive mouthguard however the cost of fixing any injuries to the teeth or jaw would be much greater.

At Simply Teeth West Perth, particular attention is paid to preventative dentistry, including prevention of trauma. We fabricate laminated custom mouthguards for extra durability and stability. In addition to this, we ask that you bring in your mouthguards during your routine check-ups, so we continue monitoring their stability and effectiveness. If you have any questions, or enquires regarding mouthguards or if you would like a custom mouthguard fabricated or checked, as well as more information on how best to prevent dental injuries during contact sports, call or email us and speak to one of our dentists, who can provide you with the latest in protective advice.